The staff at Animal Health Clinic in Picayune is highly trained in all aspects of animal dermatology, from identification to treatment and therapy. Our approach to diagnosing skin problems involves a review of the pet’s symptoms and lifestyle followed by an examination and testing. We then establish an ongoing relationship with our clients so that we can monitor the progression of the condition and how it is responding to treatment. If you happen to notice your pet illustrating excessive behaviors like scratching, biting and licking their fur and skin, let our veterinarians evaluate your pet’s condition.

To get to the root of your pet’s skin problem, we will take a skin scraping and examine it under a microscope. This will help determine if your animal companion may be suffering from an allergy or an infection. If infection is present, your pet may be put on antibiotics and monitored closely for several weeks to see if more treatment is needed. If your pet’s condition is determined to be an allergic reaction, there are several ways we can treat this issue.

For instance, veterinary medicine has taken great strides in alleviating the discomfort of skin ailments through therapeutic measures such as specialized baths, lotions and sprays. There are also options such as hypoallergenic foods and treats. Animal Health Clinic is a supplier of the specialized foods and medicines needed to treat the different types of skin issues that may affect your pet.

If your pet appears to be suffering from a skin infection or allergy, schedule an appointment for an evaluation today.